Africa Energy Indaba to power a prosperous future for all Africans

Africa Energy Indaba 2024 will be a physical in-person event, with all conference sessions, side events and the exhibition taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. (Image source: African Energy Indaba)

Africa Energy Indaba, running from 5-7 March in Cape Town, will convene industry leaders, policymakers, innovations and stakeholders from across the continent to discuss and seek solutions for enabling adequate energy generation

Held in the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the premier energy conference and exhibition is dedicated to advancing Africa’s energy development, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the abundant renewable energy resources available. The attention on green power has been boosted by the recently concluded COP28 Summit in Dubai where the adoption of a fossil fuel phase-out was agreed and a global aim of tripling renewable energy implementation by 2030 was targeted. 

As such, key highlights of Africa Energy Indaba 2024 will be:

- Renewable Energy Showcase: Featuring a showcase of renewable energy technologies, solutions, and innovations driving Africa's energy transition. A major focus will be on solar and wind technologies, driving change across Africa, through immediate solutions that can be implemented affordably.

- Policy & Regulation Dialogue: High-level policymakers, regulators, and government officials will engage in critical discussions on developing supportive policy frameworks, regulatory mechanisms, and incentives to accelerate renewable energy deployment across Africa. 

- Renewables Indaba: An exclusive Renewables Indaba, connecting project developers, financiers, investors, and stakeholders. Participants will explore investment opportunities, financing mechanisms, and partnership models to mobilise capital, accelerate project development, and drive renewable energy growth across the continent.

- Capacity Building & Skills Development: The event will feature capacity building workshops, training sessions, and skills development programmes aimed at empowering local communities, professionals, and stakeholders. 

- Networking & Collaboration Opportunities: The Indaba and all its affiliated side events, will provide networking and collaboration opportunities for participants to connect, engage, and collaborate with industry peers, policymakers, investors, and stakeholders.