Steinmüller Africa strives for further growth

Steinmüller Africa's executive director, Moso Bolofo. (Image source: Steinmüller Africa)

Steinmüller Africa, a leader in high-temperature and high-pressure steam generation and piping, has celebrated the achievements and indicated its goals for the future

Steinmüller Africa has positioned itself as a frontrunner against current and potential competitors through priding itself on its cutting-edge technologies. These technologies are part of its vision to become the preferred supplier for managing steam generation and reticulation plants in sub-Saharan Africa. 

With solutions encompassing explosive welding, induction bending, automatic welding and numerical analysis, for over six decades it has serviced steam-generation, processing and reticulation plants across diverse market segments including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, mining and steel beneficiation, pulp and paper, and nuclear industries. 

Recent highlights (that have been influenced by executive director Moso Bolofo) include the completion and opening of the Majuba power station; the successful de-mothballing of the Simunye stations; the securing of a four-year boiler and HP piping contract at eight Eskom power stations; the opening of Steinmüller Africa’s 30,000 sq m workshop in Pretoria; and the re-establishment of complete boiler manufacturing capacity. 

With these achieved, the company is targeting further progress and is looking to diversify its client base as well as its service offerings. Steinmüller Africa has stated its plans to target new industries, taking its offerings to a broader market. It has also identified new opportunities around the development of independent power producers and it has recently involved in enquiries for the supply of concentrated solar power plants in the Northern Cape.