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Trina Solar highlights its latest dual-glass modules at the 2023 Solar Show Africa

Trina Solar at the 2023 Solar show Africa in Johannesburg. (Image source: Trina Solar)

PV and smart energy solutions provider Trina Solar showcased its newest products at the 2023 Solar Show Africa held in Johannesburg from 25-26 April

The company highlighted its Vertex S+ 445W+ n type dual-glass modules, which are specifically designed for rooftop PV systems. With a 30-year power warranty, the Vertex S+ series are an ideal choice for customers who prioritise both performance and appearance, Trina Solar said. 

The Vertex S+ modules come with bifacial module features, with additional back side power up to 80% of its front side power. Both types feature a surface area of just under 2 sq m for easy handling, and a black aluminium frame.

Furthermore, thanks to the shift to n type i-TOPCon cells, the module can generate approximately 10% extra energy over 30 years, compared to its p type peers. Trina Solar was able to use two layers of 1.6mm thick ultra-thin glass, which resulted in a low weight of 21.1 kg that is equivalent to backsheet modules thanks to advancements in glass production. Installers may therefore handle the new Vertex S+ on the roof in the same way that they have previously handled traditional PV modules.

Vertex S+ is very easy to install and works well with other solar system parts. It offers several mounting options, including slide-in mounting, shared rail, crossin beam, and short and long side clamping. Trina Solar also showcased the Vertex N 605W+ and 695W+ modules at the conference. These modules are created for commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility-scale projects. Apart from this, the company presented at the event their utility scale ground-mounted solar solutions.

Trina Solar also manufactures, designs, and deploys smart tracking systems that include smart tracking and monitoring solutions. As such, the company’s team highlighted its newly optimised Vanguard 1P, the SuperTrack Smart Tracking Algorithm, and the Trina Smart Cloud Monitoring and Control system.

Gonzalo de la Vina, president EMEA, at Trina Solar, said, “We are proud to introduce Trina Solar's latest innovation, the Vertex S+ series, which is set to revolutionise solar systems on roofs. Our n type i-TOPCon module portfolio and the Vertex S+ series represent a significant advancement in solar technology, providing customers with high-performance and reliable solutions that meet their specific needs.”

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