Solar hybrid and battery storage plants delivered in Cameroon

The site teams at the inauguration. (Image source: Release by Scatec)

Released by Scatec, a flexible leasing agreement of pre-assembled and containerised solar PV and battery equipment has inaugurated two solar hybrid and battery storage plants in Maroua and Guider, Cameroon

The plants have a combined capacity of 36MW solar and 20MW / 19MWh of storage and were delivered following the signing of a lease agreement with electricity company, ENEO, in 2021. They are equipped with more than 44,800 bifacial solar panels mounts on trackers to help maximise energy production.

Already, since the gradual completion of project phases throughout 2022, there have been reports of improvements of electricity supply in northern Cameroon, with more stable power being achieved for the benefit of local residents and industries. 

Arnaud Gouet, SVP utilities at Release, commented, “These solar power plants are the result of a fruitful collaboration between the public and private sectors. They embody innovation through ground-breaking contracts, symbolising the collective determination to meet the energy needs of the far North region cleanly and efficiently. This initiative was made possible by the expertise and vision of all parties involved.”