Partners to pioneer e-fuel production in South Africa

The project is estimated to produce 500,000 tons of e-fuels per year. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

South Africa has been selected by the PNE Group and SET Select Energy GmbH (SET) as the location of their joint venture to produce and market synthetic fuels from renewable energies

The two companies have signed a corresponding declaration in intent for the project which is expected to produce up to 500,000 tons of e-fuels per year, obtained from green hydrogen produced via electrolysis. 

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE, commented, “We are pleased to be tackling this groundbreaking project together with SET. It shows once again that climate protection needs to be thought and acted globally. At the same time, it is already the second power for us -to-X project in South Africa and another milestone in the implementation of our corporate strategy." 

York zu Dohna, Co-CEO of SET, added, “The green energy supply is becoming more and more global. The planned project in South Africa shows how the energy transition works and is interlinked across national borders and continents. South Africa is a location for renewable energies and export logistics represents an advantage that makes e-fuels available for both local and international customers. 

“We are pleased to support PNE as a trading and logistics partner in this exciting project. As an energy trading company, we are predestined to also use new energy sources economically and flexibly from bringing producer to consumer.”

The water that will be used for the 1GW electrolyser on the West coast of South Africa will come from the sea and run through a desalination plant – thereby avoiding using drinking water reservoirs. Ultimately, the project is intended to ensure the economically viable marketing of green e-fuels to buyers.

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