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Gilkes Hydro provides sustainable energy solutions in Zimbabwe

Gilkes provides a range of hydropower turbines for efficient, clean and renewable energy solutions. (Image source: Gilkes Hydro)

Gilkes Hydro is providing clean energy across Africa to support a green post-COVID-19 recovery

A relationship between NRE and Gilkes provides the basis of the Pungwe B project, following on from the success of the Pungwe A and Duru projects.

For the project, Gilkes Hydro’s scope of supply include twin jet Turgo Impulse turbines fitted with hydraulic actuators; inlet pipework up to the flange of the main inlet valve; synchronous generator, with the turbine runner supported on flange end overhung shaft; standalone VCB switching panel (T1); standalone VCB switching panel (T2-4); earthing resistors and others.

Gilkes Hydro will be attending the Africa Energy Forum (AEF) conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 20-22 October 2020. The company will be showcasing its Turgo Impulse Turbine as it is celebrating its centenary year.

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