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Danfoss: excess heat is world’s largest untapped source of energy

Danfoss’ whitepaper assesses the potential of excess heat an as efficient energy source. (Image source: Danfoss)

Danfoss has released a whitepaper highlighting the vast untapped potential of excess heat as a source of energy

According to data from the Danish family-controlled engineering group, excess heat in the EU alone amounts to 2,860 TWh per year, corresponding almost to the EU’s total energy demand for heat and hot water in residential and service sector buildings.

Danfoss president & CEO, Kim Fausing, said it is remarkable that the EU has “close to no initiatives that push for more efficient use of the vast amounts of wasted energy in the form of excess heat.” 

The new whitepaper from the company detailed that it would give a productivity boost to the economy, lower energy prices for consumers and businesses and accelerate the green transition. A full implementation of technologies that tap into synergies between different sectors and enable a utilisation of excess heat has the potential to save significant capital once fully implemented in 2050.

"Catalysing sustainable growth in sub-Saharan Africa is crucial for the region's economic and social development. The latest Danfoss whitepaper on excess heat provides a roadmap for Africa to harness untapped potential in energy recovery and pave the way for a cleaner, more efficient future. By prioritising the implementation of innovative solutions outlined in this paper, Africa can lead the charge in reducing energy waste, improving industrial competitiveness, and creating new opportunities for economic growth", said Emil Berning, Danfoss country manager, sub-Saharan Africa.

Using this energy that would otherwise go to waste can give a productivity boost to the economy and lower energy prices for consumers. At the same time, utilising excess heat can replace significant amounts of fossil fuels that are otherwise needed to produce heat.

Yet, the potential of excess heat is not even close to being utilised and is politically ignored.

Fausing continued, “Excess heat is the world’s largest untapped source of energy. Still, very few initiatives have pushed for more efficient use of the vast amounts of wasted energy in the form of excess heat even though we already have the solutions available today. We urgently need policy measures to accelerate the use of excess heat across sectors, both so that citizens and businesses can benefit from lower energy costs and to ensure we step up progress in the green transition.”

Read the whitepaper, titled ‘The world’s largest untapped energy source: excess heat’, here.