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Cenfura and C4D sign deal to tokenise renewable energy assets in South Africa

The goal is to accelerate efficient renewable energy production in South Africa. (Image source: Hans/Pixabay)

An independent power producer Cenfura has signed a deal with C4D to tokenise microgrid assets in South Africa

The partnership will construct and operate the solar PV and battery storage-based microgrid assets in 6,500 gated communities across South Africa with a potential power demand of 3,000MW.

Cenfura and C4D will deliver the first tokenised assets to microgrids in the Gauteng Province of South Africa during the Q1 of 2020. These microgrids are set to ensure energy security for the gated residential communities, reduce reliance on the national power grid and deliver a positive impact on the environment.

Every element of these renewable energy assets, from generation to storage to residential fiat payments, will utilise the XCF Token and Cenfura’s blockchain-based technology platform for the most transparent and efficient renewable energy production in South Africa.

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