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Senegal mine switches to Oxair oxygen generators

Oxair’s technology is cheap to run and once installed requires minimum maintenance. (Image source: Oxair)

A leading gold mining company operating in West Africa is reducing its reliance on traditional bulk liquid and switching to the latest on-site gas generating technology supplied by Oxair Gas Systems

Oxair, which is renowned for providing the mining industry with turnkey solutions for getting a self-generated source of oxygen where it is needed, has now delivered on a major contract win for an oxygen tonnage plant built for a gold mining operation in Senegal.

The equipment brings numerous advantages, not least the 6,000kg of oxygen the site needs each day. Oxygen generators offer a continuous flow of gas extracted from the atmosphere and reduce the carbon footprint associated with using liquid oxygen, being transmitted to an off-site facility. 

Oxair’s technology is cheap to run and once installed requires minimum maintenance. The generators are robust, can operate in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure as well as being user friendly. 

Like oxygen tonnage plants, nitrogen membranes and PSA nitrogen generators are also an efficient alternative to cylinders for mines. Nitrogen generators are ideal for safely filling truck tyres in a remote location or challenging environment. They can also assist miners to produce nitrogen for other site operations as needed. 

David Cheeseman, chief engineer at Oxair, commented, “Investing in quality equipment is key to achieving both safety and sustainability goals – a fact recognised by many of our mining customers across the world. Senegal is just the latest example of how we are helping to create safe, responsible, efficient and profitable mining conditions on site and we’re delighted to be supporting another African mine with our class-leading technology.” 

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