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Schneider Electric Kenya transfers manufacturing and assembly operations to key partner

Carol Koech, country president for East Africa at Schneider Electric. (Image source: Schneider Electric)

Schneider Electric Kenya has strengthened its assembly and manufacturing operations as well as its resultant services and products to its partners by transferring its manufacturing operations, assets, and people who currently operate the manufacturing and assembly plant to a key country partner

The move, which should be completed during the first half of 2023, will entail the company’s assembly and manufacturing plant employees continuing with their professional journeys at the partner, while upholding the high standard of work provided by Schneider Electric.

Devan Pillay, Anglophone Africa cluster president at Schneider Electric, commented, “As an organisation, Schneider Electric remains committed to our East African business, and moving our manufacturing and assembly operations is indicative of our focus on positioning the company with key technology partners. We continue to carefully select, develop, and support our partner network in our various business streams.”

The move also allows Schneider Electric to focus on expanding its reach in Eastern Africa, commercialising more offers and growing its partner network to serve its customers with more technology and competitive value.

“We will continue to run our sales, marketing, projects, services, and logistics operations from Kenya, serving the East African market,” explained Carol Koech, country president for East Africa at Schneider Electric. “Our purpose, which is so relevant to our business and the people of East Africa, is to make the most of our energy and resources which in turn enables progress and sustainability for all. To realise this mission, our business goals must be clear, and our partner network empowered to execute this collective purpose and mission.”

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