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PSSQUARED, E-GEN announce cooperation with JICHAI gas engine peaking plants

Interior of a JICHAI gas engine CHP installation. (Image source: P S Squared Limited)

Guildford-based PSSQUARED and E-GEN (exclusive distributor for CNPC/JICHAI in the UK) have announced close cooperation for the sale and installation of JICHAI engines into the UK

PSSQUARED has a well-established business in southern and West Africa, typically installing large islanded HFO and distillate fuelled engines for off-grid applications such as gold mines.

The company has recently completed the Wahgnion 21 MWe installation in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The facility now relies on 6 x 3.6 MWe CAT HFO engines plus 3 x 1000 kWe high-speed black-start CAT engines. Over the last 15 years, PSSQUARED has designed, installed and operated some 100s MWe of such plant in remote mine sites.

The JICHAI gas and diesel engine range from 300 kWe to 4000 kWe, and the diesel range from 400kWe to 7,000 MWe. JICHAI is part of CNPC, the China National Petroleum Corporation, and is the world’s third-largest oil company based in China.

It plays a leading role in China’s petroleum industries who are major users of JICHAI gas engines. JICHAI is currently one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world.

UK-based E-Gen has the exclusive distributorship for JICHAI engines. The initial target markets for E-GEN are gas engine peaking plants in the UK where several potential projects are currently in the bidding process. Additionally, there is a steady market for gas engine CHP says Phil Allen, managing director of E-Gen.

As a relatively unknown engine OEM in the UK, but still one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world, CNPC/ JICHAI will be offering company-backed performance guarantees.

PSSQUARED has a UK-based operation installing and maintaining smaller generating sets and has recently completed the installation of many gas engines operating on low CV syngas from a pyrolysis plant. PSSQUARED takes on the handling of the overall design, installation and in the ongoing operation of plants.