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Leroy-Somer’s AREP+ to improve electrical performance of equipped machines

TAL 044 200kVA. (Image source: Leroy-Somer)

Leroy-Somer has launched AREP+, an improvement of its auxiliary winding technology for the TAL alternator range

AREP+ improves the electrical performance of equipped alternators, including gains in motor starting capacity of up to 30 per cent.

The AREP+ system uses the output voltage of the main stator as H1 and a single auxiliary winding H3 inserted in selected slots of the main stator. The combination of these inputs is then used to power the controller, combining the power of a traditional Shunt system with the reliability and control level of an AREP system. Under the same conditions, more power is taken to supply the regulator, which increases the excitation capacity.

This excitation system is made possible by the improvements brought by Leroy-Somer to its range of regulators such as the R180 or the D350. The new regulators are able to process much higher voltage than with a standard AREP system without any risk for the excitation chain.

The AREP+ system improves the electrical performance of equipped machines, especially during a transient short circuit, load shedding or load impact phases.

As a result, the starting kVA performances are improved by up to 30% depending on the generator models. This level of performance is decisive in situations where generators are used in an industrial context where electric motors must be started.

AREP+ technology allows other performance improvements:

· Accelerated response time of the excitation chain, with an observed decrease of 20-30 per cent

· Quicker startup of the excitation system, up to twice as fast with a theoretical start possible from 20 Hz

During its development, the AREP+ system has been tested and subjected to a number of deforming loads. Under these conditions, the AREP + offers a remarkable level of performance, comparable to that which can be observed on a conventional AREP system.

The AREP+ technology has been tested and used by some Leroy-Somer OEM customers for several months, and the first feedback from the field demonstrated satisfactory levels of performance and reliability.

AREP + technology will be rolled out over the entire TAL range before the end of the year, and on the LSA range from the beginning of 2020. It replaces the current AREP technology, which will eventually be completely replaced.

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