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JMG provides energy-efficient electrical and mechanical solutions from power to plug

JMG strives to offer clients top-tier solutions for all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. (Image source: JMG)

JMG Limited has been enhancing its product portfolio to include a broader selection of electrical and mechanical products including hybrid power systems, electrical equipment, cooling solutions, elevators, and air compressors

The company aims to gain from its 20 years of experience in Nigeria to upgrade homes and businesses with energy-efficient electrical and mechanical solutions ranging from power to plug.

The group has always kept a close association with world leading suppliers of infrastructure solutions. By embracing brands like FG Wilson, Trane, ABB, Legrand, TK Elevator, Kaeser Compressors among others, JMG is qualified to be the top provider of electrical and mechanical solutions which offer unrivaled comfort, safety, and efficiency to the structures where people work and live.

JMG strives to offer clients top-tier solutions for all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It applies the best global standards in its projects and offers a wide range of pre-installation services, warranties, and technical support to enhance customers’ experience with its products and services. This has led to many successes over the past two decades and JMG has delivered various landmark projects across Nigeria. Some of its recent accomplishments include the Akwa Ibom International Airport, The National Theatre in Lagos, and several other developments. 

The group has made clear that, following these successes, it does not plan to slow down any time soon. It has now announced that it is introducing more energy-efficient options within its products and services that can reduce fuel consumption and pollution. JMG is integrating solar panels to its power systems; cooling solutions are fitted with inverter technology that can consume up to 70% lower energy than standard applications; while its air compressors can use 15% less power than rival brands. 

Focused on its customers’ comfort and safety, JMG is committed to exceeding expectations and be the first choice for people seeking to upgrade the areas where they live, work, and meet.

To request for a quote or more information, contact JMG through their online form at or call +234 (0) 70 00 11 22 33

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