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Inmesol presents C-Genset with cylindrical canopy

Inmesols 40kVA PRP generator set with cylindrical canopy. (Image source: Inmesol)

Embracing new and improved designs for its generators, Inmesol has launched its latest C-Genset 40kVA PRP generator set with a cylindrical canopy

Designed to blend into contemporary architecture, Inmesol’s C-Genset features include reduced height and width, and a lighter, more compact design.

On the manufacturing front, material consumption has been optimised to the maximum for the new canopy with a 20 per cent reduction in weight and a 40 per cent reduction in volume, thereby reducing the environmental impact. All the features of a conventional genset of similar power have been retained.

The new design follows 20 years after Inmesol had upgraded the design of its genset canopy - adding rounded corners and edges to protect against possible damage from bumps, making it more robust and improving the aesthetics of the equipment.