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Airtel brings in Watt to bolster installed solar and storage capacity across Nigeria

The hybrid solar installations will help enhance connectivity for millions of users. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Airtel, a leading telecommunications services company, has selected Watt Renewable Corporation (WATT), a provider of hybrid solar solutions, to deliver more than 32MW of installed solar and storage capacity across Nigeria 

The hybrid solar installations, which will be installed across 600 sites under an energy-as-a-service model, will provide Airtel with greater certainty and uptime from its power supply, helping it to expand its network coverage and introduce 4G and 5G technologies. An added bonus is the benefit to local communities who will enjoy improved air quality

The work will include the introduction of novel enclosure technology for the balancing systems being installed across the sites, leading to better operating efficiencies. Once installed, WATT will continue to operate and maintain the energy generation sites.

Oluwole Eweje, CEO of WATT, explained, "Working with Airtel offers a brilliant opportunity to deliver renewable energy to the Nigerian telecommunications space, which will be essential to the continued sustainable growth of the sector. Not only will it support Airtel’s sustainability agenda and improve air quality for adjacent communities, but it will also enhance the connectivity of millions of users.

"We’re excited to grow our expertise in telecommunications, a space where will continue to be active over the coming month and years."

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