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Partners seek to catalyse evolution of African battery value chain

The partnership has been described as both a technological advancement and catalyst for continental workforce development. (Image source: ReElement Technologies)

ReElement Technologies Corporation, a provider of high performance refining capacity of rare earth and critical battery elements, has signed an MoU with Afrivolt, a pioneer in developing large industrial projects, to support the build-out of Africa’s regional and global lithium-ion battery supply chains

Focused on establishing a comprehensive closed-loop lithium-battery and EV manufacturing ecosystem within the continent, the partners have indicated their intention to utilise critical minerals mined in regional localities. Refining and purification will be performed by ReElement Africa and its subsidiaries such as ReElement Ghana

Ben Kincaid, CEO of ReElement Technologies Africa, remarked, “Collaborating with Afrivolt is a testament to our commitment to drive innovation and sustainability in Africa’s battery industry. Through ReElement Africa, we are dedicated to empowering local economies and making global supply chains more resilient.”

Together, the partners have stated their desire to collaborate with local instituions to develop skills pipelines that can provide a high-skilled labour force in the next genetion of African industry and manufacturing. 

“This strategic alliance serves as a vital conduit, channelling essential technology and capital,” said Deshan Naidoo, managing director of Afrivolt. “In doing so, it not only catalyses the evolution of the African battery value chain but also marks a transformative shift, ensuring that the continent transcends its perceived role as a mere minerals scratch patch for the globe.”

The MoU is expected to eventually evolve into a comprehensive offtake agreement for ReElement Technologies to support the operation of African gigafactories while supporting regional economic development. 

Such an announcement comes at a favourable time, with a recent IEA report indicating renewables are set to blossom in the coming years, a trend that will require the firm foundations of capable batteries which are able to support the intermittent power sources.

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