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Global leading new energy battery enterprise Gotion High-tech debuts latest products in the Middle East

At WFES, Gotion High-tech will showcase its latest products and leading green energy solutions at its booth. (Image source: Gotion High-tech)

Gotion High-tech, a new energy battery company from China, will debut its latest products at its first appearance in the Middle East at the World Future Energy Summit 2024 (WFES), running from 16-18 April in Abu Dhabi

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Hefei, Anhui Province, Gotion High-tech is one of the earliest companies in China to independently research and develop new energy batteries. It was also one of the first battery companies to enter the Chinese capital market and the first Chinese battery company to be listed in Switzerland.

After decades of development, Gotion High-tech has embarked on a path of long-term globalisation with determination and persistence, forming a unique global competitive advantage. It has become a leader in the global power battery and energy storage battery fields. In 2023, it ranked third globally in installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries and total vehicle installations in China.

In terms of Gotion High-tech's long-term globalisation strategy, research and development investment and innovation are crucial. Its R&D investment has consistently accounted for over 10% in recent years. With eight major R&D centers and four major validation platforms worldwide, Gotion has gathered over 7,000 research and development talents globally, jointly exploring technological innovations. They have created more than 8,000 patented technologies covering the entire battery industry chain, ranking sixth globally in effective patents and third in China.

On display in Abu Dhabi

The 5MWh liquid-cooled large-scale energy storage system and the third-generation battery cells represented by lithium iron manganese phosphate and the 46 cylindrical series, which will be showcased at this exhibition, are manifestations of Gotion High-tech's R&D strength in recent years.

The 5MWh liquid-cooled large-scale energy storage system, with a lifespan of over ten thousand cycles, can ensure safe operation for at least 15-20 years. Its PACK-level immersion extinguishing can suppress thermal runaway within individual battery packs, pioneering in preventing diffusion within the battery compartment with three layers of physical safety protection, making the system operation safer. Its unique ‘back-to-back’ and ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ design can save 35% of land area and construction costs for a 100MWh project compared to traditional products.

Gotion image of energy storage with wind turbines in the background.

The lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries and the 46 cylindrical series, with a single cell energy density of up to 230Wh/kg, are the flagship representatives of Gotion High-tech's third-generation battery cells. The 46 cylindrical series showcased this time, named the ‘Morning Star Series,’ includes first-generation, second-generation products, and second-generation pro versions, totaling six products. Among them, the second-generation product has an energy density of up to 300Wh/kg, capable of achieving 80% charge in 18 minutes. The second-generation pro version (super-fast charging product) can further achieve a 10-minute fast charge with the entire pack never experiencing thermal runaway, making it a truly ‘high specific energy, high safety, high fast charge’ battery product.

Going global

In terms of global development, Gotion High-tech has always been at the forefront of the industry with its globalisation strategy. It has not only established eight major R&D centers, twenty major manufacturing bases, and fourteen domestic battery production bases, forming a dual-cycle pattern of domestic and international operations. In terms of overseas business, it achieved a 150% year-on-year growth in 2023.

In terms of overseas bases, last year, in Germany, Thailand, and the United States, Gotion successively launched its first battery products locally, making ‘globally made’ Gotion batteries a reality. As of now, Gotion High-tech's overseas bases have spread across the Asia-Pacific, Europe-Africa, and Americas regions, with planned capacity reaching 100GWh, maintaining a leading position among global lithium battery companies.

The Göttingen Plant

Moreover, Gotion High-tech is one of the very few battery companies globally with complete industry chain manufacturing capabilities. It has built a vertically integrated industry chain from mineral mining, material production, battery manufacturing, product application, to battery recycling and reuse. Leveraging its global layout advantage, it provides partners with flexible and localised supply chain strategies to meet European and American regulations and customer demands.

With strong support from global manufacturing and supply chains, Gotion High-tech has seamlessly expanded into overseas markets. Its overseas vehicle customers include not only Indian TATA but also Vietnamese VinFast, deeply bound cooperative partners. In the energy storage sector, it also boasts a group of high-quality customers including Invenergy, JinKo, NextEra Energy, Edison Power, Daiwa Energy, etc. At the inauguration ceremony of the Goettingen factory last year, Gotion signed contracts with German BASF, ABB, Dutch Ebusco, Spanish Ficosa, Idneo, and other enterprises in one go, locking in a European customer base.

At WFES, the energy community is looking forward to Gotion High-tech's debut in the Middle East to witness its latest products and leading green energy solutions on display at its booth.

This article was sponsored by Gotion High-tech.

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