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Assessing Kenya’s carbon credit assets

The project will make use of drones and AI technology. (Image source: Aeroterra & Eldera Matadata Presisi)

Banyan Investment Banking & Hedge Fund and Quantum Metal Group have selected Aeroterra & Eldera Matada Presisi as the technology partner to assess the value of Kenya’s carbon credit assets

Once Aeroterra & Eldera Matadata Presisi receives regulatory approval it will make use of drones and artificial intelligence to accurately measure the country’s carbon deposits in real time. The drones are capable of seeding soils, a critical component in the rejuvenation of Kenya’s lands. The pilot project will then be scaled to the wider region as part of the consortium’s Investment Bank Humanitarian Contribution Campaigning Programme.

A typical carbon data project, like the consortium will carry out, involves the collection, analysis, and management of data related to carbon emissions and carbon sequestration. This aims to:

• Track and quantify carbon emissions from various sources;
• Measure the amount of carbon being absorbed by natural processes;
• Analyse the collected data to understand patters, trends and impacts of carbon emissions and sequestration;
• Provide insights that can help in developing strategies for carbon management and reduction;
• Ensure that data collection methods comply with international standards and verify the accuracy of the data.

The data from the initiative will be supplied to Verra, a US-based organisation that oversees standards in the Verified Carbon Standard VCS Programme, for approval.

Projects such as this are considered crucial for designing strategies to fight climate change by informing governments and organisations so that they are able to undertake informed actions to reduce carbon footprints and enhance sustainability efforts.

The consortium carrying out the project will commit US$650,000 towards it that will be financed through Letscoin, a digital complementary currency that was recently launched by Banyan Investment Banking & Hedge Fund.

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