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ABB and Cleanwatts innovate energy management

AI-driven energy-sharing platform will be integrated with ABB energy management technology. (Image source: ABB)

ABB, a global leader in electrification and automation technology, and Cleanwatts Digital s.a. have entered into a memorandum of understanding to develop advanced energy management and efficiency solutions for communities and buildings 

Their focus is on creating scalable projects in key European markets, empowering users and property managers to optimise energy use sustainably through intelligent monitoring and control solutions.

The collaboration aims to integrate Cleanwatts' AI-driven energy-sharing platform with ABB's energy management technologies, including the Insite energy management system, energy meters, sensors, and electric vehicle chargers. By leveraging their combined expertise, the companies will deliver unified solutions that streamline renewable generation, storage, and energy-efficient operations.

Community members stand to benefit from reduced energy costs through optimised consumption of self-generated renewable energy, lower electricity connection fees by minimising peak power demands, and enhanced efficiency of renewable equipment such as energy storage systems. The partnership also enables seamless local energy management, asset and load control, demand response incentives, and access to energy trading practices.

“Working together, the companies will provide a joint solution marrying ABB’s energy management technology with Cleanwatts’ AI-driven energy-sharing platforms benefiting communities and their residents in key markets,” remarked Laura Socci, global portfolio manager for Energy Distribution Digital Solutions at ABB. “This landmark partnership offers the most advanced energy management optimisation solutions benefiting energy community managers and investors.” 

“We are dedicated to reshaping communities and industries towards a sustainable and efficient future. This partnership allows us to enhance our software solutions with ABB’s energy management portfolio, creating a seamless integration that will optimise energy consumption and drive sustainability,” said Luisa Matos, CEO of Cleanwatts. “Together, we will shape the future of sustainable energy, revolutionising energy management and leading the way in the energy transition.”

This partnership follows a successful pilot project at the smart community development in Brobyholm near Stockholm, Sweden, where ABB, Cleanwatts, and other partners provided tools for residents to efficiently manage their energy consumption.

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