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As part of its strategy to aid genset OEMs in the African region, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE) teams up with Linz Electric to launch the PowerPackPlus product range

Engine with Alternator.7The range is designed to support genset OEMs across the continent. (Image source: Linz Electric)

As part of its strategy to support genset OEMs in Africa, Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE) have launched their PowerPackPlus product range. PowerPackPlus products involve the consolidated supply of a Mitsubishi Diesel Engine, radiator and Linz Electric alternator, giving OEMs the opportunity to simplify the management of their purchasing, logistics, customs clearance and aftersales support processes.

Developed under the ‘Mitsubishi & Partners’ initiative, the Engineering Department at MTEE have combined selected Linz Electric alternators with Mitsubishi Diesel Engines to provide a technically integrated and fully guaranteed and supported product that gives optimum performance.

Four variants of the PowerPackPlus are currently available – 15 KVA 50 Hz Prime, 20 KVA 50 Hz Prime, 28 KVA 50 Hz Prime and 40 KVA 50 Hz Prime. In addition to the engine, radiator and alternator, the PowerPackPlus range includes intake, assembly and connection kits, which allow the OEM to tailor the specification to match their needs.

The union of Japanese and Italian technical and manufacturing expertise in the PowerPackPlus provides customers with a dependable, durable, efficient and cost-effective power-production unit that can form the foundation of any packager’s product, all of which is supported by the assurance of the manufacturers’ warranties and the Parts, Service and Engineering networks of MTEE.

African Review spoke to Paul Kaliski, product manager – G-Drive Engines at MTEE and Alberto Azzolini, sales manager – Alternators at Linz Electric.

African Review (AR): Why is the African market important for Mitsubishi and Linz Electric?

MTEE: The demand for generator sets in Africa is continuing to grow and MTEE would like to grow with it. Mitsubishi is already an appreciated brand in Africa and our products fit the market needs of reliable energy solutions that are easy to install and maintain. More so than in Europe, the demand for generator sets includes the residential, commercial and small to medium-scale manufacturing sectors so we are tailoring our product range for the African market and are steadily expanding our dealer network in the region.

Linz Electric (LE): Linz Electric have important collaborations in Africa and we do believe that for the future it will be increasingly a key market for us. The demand of electrical energy is constantly expanding, and Linz Electric want to be a part of the electrification process in the African region.

AR: Why did you create the PowerPackPlus product?

MTEE: The African diesel generator set market is highly competitive with many OEMs servicing the demand from local production sites in Africa, as it is more economical to carry out the final assembly of the gensets closer to the final destination. Furthermore, some of the bulkier components, such as base frames, supports, fuel tanks, canopies, etc., are even more costeffective to manufacture at or local to the OEMs in Africa. However, obviously, some items still need to be sourced from further afield. This is where the PowerPackPlus product comes in.

At MTEE, we are always looking for ways to add value to our products across their entire life cycle and this includes the supply chain of the product. To that effect, the PowerPackPlus takes the basic components of a genset that are not fabricated in-house, or easy to source locally, at the African OEMs and packages them as a single product from a single supplier.

This simplifies the various processes that surround these items, giving benefits in order processing, customs administration, transportation costs, stock management and delivery coordination. Regardless of sector or size, efficient supply chain management is vital for the success of any company.Moreover, with the PowerPackPlus, MTEE has undertaken some of the technical analysis work for the OEMs and streamline the aftersales support processes. All of which enhances our core business of providing powerful, reliable diesel engines that are easy to install and maintain.

LE: In our opinion, it is really important for the African OEM to deal with just one contact for both the engine and alternator. This will lead to several advantages: being in contact with only one supplier will end up saving time and make the entire purchase process easier, not to the mention the fact that both engines and alternators will be on stock together and ready to be delivered. Additionally, the Power Pack Plus will simplify all of the aftersales processes as a result of the Mitsubishi service network being able to provide aftermarket support for both engine and alternator.

To learn more, contact Abdesselam Bennis, business development manager EMEA, engine & energy division. 


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