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Dormer Tools has introduced a new programme of high performance cobalt alloyed high-speed steel (HSCo) drills. The tools have been created to complement Dormer’s CDX-DH range of solid carbide deep hole drills and have been designed for applications up to 15x diameter.

New high performance cobalt alloyed high-speed steel (HSCo) drills, from Dormer Tools

A variety of lengths are available, covering drilling operations in most engineering materials from 3x D (A920, A921), 6xD (A900, A901), 10xD (A940, A941) and 15xD (A976, A977, A978). All drills feature a parabolic flute design with quick helix for increased chip space, improved swarf breaking and removal capabilities, allowing for greater hole depths to be achieved.

A thick web design increases the structural strength of the drill. This results in greater rigidity and, in turn, minimises the risk of drill breakage. The special point geometry promotes excellent centring - eliminating the requirement for a pilot hole - and reduces both thrust force and power requirements.
David Goulbourne, Dormer’s development manager for drilling products, said, “The combination of these unique elements results in a continuous production process at higher speeds and feeds, while also promoting consistent hole size and quality.”
Available in bright finish across the full range, a smooth-flow coating option is available on specific lengths. This additional surface treatment reduces the co-efficient of friction, increases wear resistance and, in combination with the parabolic flute, eliminates chip packing at greater depths.
The launch of these HSCo drills is supported by a comprehensive brochure that includes full range details, dimensional data and optimum operating conditions.