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Yanmar CE reveals next-generation midi-excavators for congested operations

The SV86-7 and SV100-7 are suited for a wide range of applications from landscaping and earthworks to roadworks. (Image source: Yanmar CE)

Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar CE) has launched its latest midi excavators within the 8-10 tonne segment

With urban expansion continuing to accelerate across the globe, the SV100-7 and SV86-7 have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern, congested landscape. The two models have been delivered to combine compact dimensions with efficiency, increased performance, and operator-centric design enhancements. 

Despite being in the larger weight class, the SV86-7 (8,675 kg operating weight) and the SV100-7 (9,705 kg operating weight) maintain a compact footprint. Featuring a tight front swing radius (2,120 mm for the SV86-7 and 1,365 mm for the SV100-7) alongside a minimal rear turning radius (1,265mm for the SV86-7 and 1.365 mm for the SV100-7), the machines have been optimised to work in limited spaces without compromising on power or functionality. 

The SV86-7 boasts lifting capacities of 1,290 kg (side) and 2,280 kg (front) and offers the highest lifting capacity in its class. Meanwhile, the SV100-7 brings lifting capabilities of 1,420 kg (side) and 2,390 kg (front) and both are powered by a 4TNV98Ct engine. 

Yanmar CE has been keen to point out that direct customer feedback has been incorporated throughout the design of the machines. In but one example, a completely redesigned exterior has been introduced for both vehicles in a bid to merge modern aesthetics with dynamic functionality. This includes the glass area being expanded to enhance operational visibility, a particular emphasis on comfort such as a rectangular and spacious cabin and a new 7-inch LCD colour display monitor. The manufacturer also drew attention to the low noise levels of both machines, with the SV86 operating at just over 93 decibels and the SV100 maintaining a level just below 97 decibels. 

Both the SV86-7 and the SV100-7 are available globally through Yanmar CE’s extensive dealer network and are suited to a wide range of applications where space comes at a premium. 

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