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Volvo CE introduces new generation of wheel loaders

The new L110H and L120H provide a comprehensive upgrade over the F and Gz-generations. (Image source: Volvo CE)

Volvo CE, a global leader in construction solutions, has released the H-generation L110H and L120H wheel loaders to replace the F and Gz models

The new models are suited for rehandling, agriculture, waste handling, log handling and have been designed to boost productivity by 12%, fuel efficiency by 28% and to generally enhance operator performance. The 20 ton machines have a 5-6 ton lifting capacity and boast a number of new technology innovations including a new Volvo engine and electronic platform, as well as an optimised transmission and hydraulics system.

Volvo’s Torque Parallel linkage has always delivered high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the lifting range. Added to that, the new H-generation machines now have a higher tipping load – over 6% depending on the model. Thanks to a higher pin than on the outgoing Gz model, they can also tip higher, for example into taller-bodied trucks or in storage areas. The new engines deliver at least 5% more power, while other options include an automatic engine shutdown facility, which reduces fuel consumption when idling beyond a set time, and a delayed engine shutdown feature, which allows the turbocharger to cool, thereby reducing wear.

An upgraded cab with electric servo controls allow for a greater degree of control and customisation. These come as standard and are joined by boom and bucket levelling functions and a choice of three hydraulic response modes. The optional Comfort Drive Control enables the machine to be steered from a lever, particularly useful for fast-paced truck loading operations. Visibility and safety enhancing options abound, including a Collision Mitigation System and new LED lighting packages.

In regards to optimising load cycles, the Load Assist suite of apps is another option, powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen. On-Board Weighing takes the guesswork out of loading the optimum amount of material, while Operator Coaching helps operators use their Volvo wheel loader to its full potential thanks to instant feedback and real-time on-screen guidance. And with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, they can ensure that tires are operating within the correct parameters, and not causing unnecessary fuel consumption and wear.

Both Volvo wheel loaders feature an all-new ignition strategy, which is designed to make operators’ lives easier. The ignition key now activates and powers the machine, with no need to turn on the ground-level main switch at the start of shifts, before climbing into the cab. Quite apart from offering added convenience to operators on start-up and shutdown, it also removes the risk of the battery running flat overnight because the main switch has been left on.

The L110H and L120H offer grouped service points and unrestricted access to vital components. The engine hood opens electronically, while the tilting cab is operated hydraulically – to either a 30° or 70° angle, and the cooler installation slides out. Wear indicators placed by the wheels make it easy to check the condition of the brakes. The engine now features an electric pump for priming the fuel system, making the procedure quicker and more convenient than with a manual pump.

A feature also found on the L60H, L70, L90H, and L350H is now being introduced as standard on the L110/120H – a lockout-tagout. Known by its acronym ‘LOTO’, this feature makes it easier to lock the battery disconnect switch in the OFF-position – thereby preventing any unwelcome energy release when conducting maintenance work.

For extended service intervals, the axles, transmission, hydraulic tank, and fuel tank have replaceable breather filters – located remotely – to prevent them from dirt and moisture contamination. The brakes are outboard mounted, and the oil circulation cools the front and rear axles. The rear axle cradles contain greased-for-life bushings and bearings, and so are maintenance-free.

Volvo construction equipment has been playing a major role in the delivery of a megaproject in Egypt. Learn more at:

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