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Transforming Kenyan roads with Linnhoff

The Linnhoff TSD1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant is undertaking crucial work on two rural road projects in Kenya. (Image source: Lintec & Linnhoff)

Power China Group is utilising a Linnhoff TSD1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant for two rural road projects in Kenya, aimed at enhancing local economies and transportation networks 

The first project commenced in Embu City, located 125 km northeast of Nairobi, Kenya, focusing on a 5 km rural road. Activities included road repair to mitigate dust in local neighborhoods, involving soil removal, material replacement, and pothole compaction to improve accessibility for communities.

Following completion, the plant was swiftly disassembled and transported over 400 km to Voi, near Kenya’s southeastern border. At this new site, the plant embarked on constructing a 12 km road section, contributing to a significant transportation initiative by producing high-quality asphalt.

“Since 2010, we’ve been successfully working with the Lintec CSM and CSD Containerised Asphalt Mixing Plants, so we have full confidence in their capabilities, as well as how economical they are to transport from one location to another,” said a spokesperson from Power China Group. “The Linnhoff TSD1500 MobileMix asphalt mixing plant takes portability to a whole new level and has enabled us to react quickly to unexpected situations, while also delivering a healthy revenue stream.”

The Linnhoff TSD1500’s high productivity is impressive given the speed with which the plant can be dismantled, transported, and reassembled. It offers an output of 100-120 tph enabled by its 1,500 kg batch size and 45-55 second batch times,

The Linnhoff TSD range has been designed to maximise plug-and-play convenience while minimising the time spent to assemble and disassemble. There are four modules, and the easily transportable sections are mounted on a chassis which conforms to most international land transportation requirements. In addition, only prime movers are required for quick mobilisation as heavy cranes or concrete foundations are not needed for setup. This further enhances the suitability of these hot-mix asphalt mixing plants for short-term projects in remote locations. The plants also feature Linnhoff’s popular double screen drum technology.

These useful features make the range ideal for the rugged and complex terrain of Kenya's rural roads. The country has plenty of old roads with poor foundations so renovation and upgrading work demand high-performance, cost-efficient, and reliable equipment. Working conditions are further complicated by frequent rainfall which often hinder progress at construction sites.

“The tough conditions make it essential to choose a safe, reliable, accurate, and energy-efficient plant,” concluded the spokesperson. “We were looking for a cost-effective, high-quality asphalt mixing plant with strong relocation capacity to support highway renovation work on a variety of small- and medium-sized projects – and the Linnhoff TSD1500 MobileMix Asphalt Mixing Plant has surpassed all our expectations.”

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