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Maximising equipment lifecycle: Mantrac’s repair and rebuild options

Mantrac customers are presented with a range of repair options to suit their budget and requirements. (Image source: Mantrac)

As heavy machinery plays a vital role in various industries, ensuring optimal performance and longevity is paramount and no one understands this better than the Mantrac Group

Operating in 13 territories across East and West Africa and the Middle East, Mantrac is a leading distributor of best-in-class Cat equipment, power solutions, and microgrid solar and energy storage systems, all backed by its maintenance, repair and other support services. The dealer’s comprehensive inventory also includes parts and attachments as well as rental and used machines and power systems.

Offering the best industry equipment for a range of sectors including construction, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, quarrying and more, means also offering the best support. To help its customers maximise the value of their investments, Mantrac offers comprehensive repair and rebuild options.

Built to rebuild

Caterpillar machines are engineered for multiple rebuilds throughout their lifecycle, ensuring maximum performance and reliability. To make it easier for customers to take advantage of this special Caterpillar design, Mantrac has invested millions in its very own dedicated Certified Rebuild Centres (CRCs).

Spanning thousands of square metres and equipped with world-class tools, these facilities meet the same safety, quality and contamination standards as a Caterpillar factory. The rebuilding of all major components can be done quickly and tested to Caterpillar’s rigorous standards and backed by the same standard warranty for peace of mind by specialised teams of engineers and technicians trained to minimise costs while maximising component lifecycle.

Automated repairs

The importance of timely repairs cannot be overstated. Component failure can cause damage to other components, lead to increased downtime and increase repair costs by 2.5x.

Mantrac understands the impact of equipment failure on operations. That is why Mantrac offers predictive maintenance plans tailored to customers’ needs, considering key factors such as usage hours and cost-benefit analyses.

Customers are presented with a range of repair options to suit their budget and requirements. Basic covers rebearing and reseal with fixed, up-front costs, while Basic Plus includes additional parts and performance restoration, extending component life up to 50%. Then there are the Rebuild and Reman options. End-to-end rebuild gives components a second life with a 12-month warranty. Or replace it with Cat Reman products, offering genuine parts remanufactured to like-new quality and performance at a fraction of the cost of new parts. This flexibility extends to different levels of rebuilds, from component refurbishments to complete machine overhauls.

While Cat Certified Rebuilds adhere to factory standards, Mantrac also offers dealer rebuilds that provide customers with greater flexibility and alignment with their specific needs. Both options aim to restore equipment to optimal working condition, prolonging its operational lifespan and enhancing performance.

Dedicated facilities and support

With CRCs strategically located in Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania, Mantrac ensure prompt and efficient service to its customers across East and West Africa. With the use of sophisticated diagnostic tools, machines are disassembled and inspected, worn-out parts are replaced, and equipment is reassembled to like-new condition.

It is this thorough repair and rebuild process that Mantrac provides customers the assurance of maximum equipment performance and longevity. By leveraging Caterpillar’s expertise and industry-leading standards, Mantrac helps businesses both big and small minimise downtime, greatly reduce repair costs and optimise their operational efficiency.

This article is sponsored by Mantrac. Find out more about Mantrac’s Repair and Rebuild offering at

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