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Mantrac compactors: purpose-built solutions for African soils

Mantrac's offerings, including the the CS11GC compactor and SEM512 soil compactor, are purpose-built for the African market. (Image source: Mantract)

Mantrac, a major construction solutions provider, offers a comprehensive range of compactors specifically designed for Africa to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standard of quality

Efficient compaction is crucial for successful construction and infrastructure development. Poor compaction results in soil density reduction, undermining its load-bearing capacity and raising the risk of structural failures. This also leads to uneven surfaces and fragile foundations, jeopardising the overall structural stability. As a result, project longevity can be affected, requiring costly repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Mantrac's compactors tackle these challenges through a diverse range of options. This line-up includes vibratory compactors for efficient handling of granular materials, as well as specialised soil compactors tailored to cohesive soils. The range encompasses diverse models, each with unique specifications catered to a wide variety of project needs.

Beyond the equipment, Mantrac stands out due to its unwavering commitment to aftersales support. As attested by Bagamoyo Sugar Tanzania, “Their product support is second to none… We cannot afford to have machines standing, and the decision was easy to partner with Mantrac.”

Mantrac also provides budget-friendly solutions spanning from CAT to SEM, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality.

Reliable compactors for African customers

At the forefront of Mantrac's offerings, the CS11GC compactor and SEM512 soil compactor shine as purpose-built solutions perfectly attuned to the dynamics of the African market.

The CS11GC Compactor prioritises simplicity in operation with an intuitive interface, exceptional visibility, and an auto-vibe function. It also boasts economic efficiency, with up to 18% fuel savings through Eco-Mode, extended maintenance intervals, and a hitch designed for long-term usage. Impressively, the CS11GC requires up to 17% fewer passes, benefiting from heightened amplitude, flexible XT weight kits, and scalable compaction technologies.

Similarly, the SEM512 Soil Compactor stands as a paragon of reliability, powered by a hydrostatic drive system equipped with a world-class variable displacement piston pump and motors, assuring unmatched dependability. The SEM512's dual amplitude and frequency vibration system bolster productivity, enabling operators to achieve remarkable compaction outcomes. Efficiency is a hallmark, demonstrated by the SEM512's capacity for up to 45% grade ability, facilitating seamless operation across slopes and uneven terrains.

Together, these compactors demonstrate Mantrac's commitment to solutions that match Africa's needs. With the CS11GC and SEM512, Mantrac improves efficiency, productivity, and reliability, ensuring operations are supported and successful. 

This is further attested by Bagamoyo Sugar Tanzania, which stated, “For us, achieving compaction rates between 82% to 93% for each material layer is imperative. That's why we entrusted Mantrac to provide the compactors that perfectly match our requirements.”

For reliable, efficient, and quality compaction solutions, meticulously tailored to the African context, Mantrac is the trusted partner to turn to. To learn more about the CS11GC and the SEM512, visit:

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