Condor is a trustworthy, secure, and efficient partner in construction sites throughout Africa

Condor is looking to rapidly expand in the African region. (Image source: Condor)

Condor, a leading company active in the production of scaffolding, formwork and shoring, has established itself as a trustworthy, secure, and efficient partner

For more than thirty years, the company has been offering solutions that address specific needs on-site, enhancing safety, efficiency, and quality standards, and exporting products and expertise worldwide. 

With its technologically advanced systems, it has been involved in more than 90 countries and over 5,000 projects of all sizes in all construction fields over the years. These likes of residential, industrial, civil, infrastructure, and oil and gas, are all being served and followed by Condor. 

Africa is a significant market for Condor, as it has huge potential and a strong demand for efficient infrastructure, modern services, and safe homes. Since 2008, Condor has been operating in Africa, supporting its partners in various projects with cutting-edge systems or combinations of systems. The company provides engineering assistance services that span from design to application, guaranteeing the customer a result that is aimed at excellence.4010bca5-9a28-4470-bc54-ecaf07bbc54f.jpgThese activities are so well managed thanks to Condor Afrique, the branch based in Sfax, Tunisia, as the point of direct contact with the African continent.  

Ali Ben Romdhane, development director of Condor Afrique, commented, “Condor’s primary objective is to enhance its presence in the African market, with a focus on rapid expansion in sub-Saharan Africa. By doing so we can establish synergistic work between production sites, branches, and partners to better follow the main projects in the area. 

“The goal is to maintain support for local customers by communicating regularly with site managers and technical managers. To pay more attention to pre- and post-sales service, ensuring that the product remains useful throughout its lifespan.”