Concor enabling complex HVAC installation

The HVAC facilities at the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Gauteng are being upgraded to ensure greater energy and water efficiency. (Image source: Concor)

The Eastgate Shopping Centre in Guateng, South Africa, has enlisted Concor, a leading black-owned contractor, to support the upgrading of its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) facilities 

The work is being undertaken to ensure greater energy and water efficiency and Concor is strengthening the structure on which the heavy new chillers will rest – the HVAC system is located on top of the building on the roof parking area. With tenants active and continuing trading during the renovation, ongoing communication with the client and locals is a crucial aspect according to Martin Muller, contract manager at Concor. 

He explained, “The construction work includes the demolition of an existing roof, walls and slab above tenants. The structure will then be strengthened to ensure it can safely carry the seven 10-tonne HVAC chillers which are to be installed on the rooftop building.” 

Muller outlined that an important consideration is the load of the new installation that will be transferred into the centre’s existing concrete columns under the roof parking and down into the foundations. This is being carried out through the construction of interlinking stub columns – that are being cast systematically – that will support the chillers. The new structure will also include a transformer room and a perimeter louvre around the HVAC area.

The new structure will also include a transformer room, and a perimeter louvre closure around the HVAC area to conceal the installation from sight. The contractor has prioritised safety for this work with its team and subcontractors all receiving working-at-height training. In addition, safety protocols are being strictly enforced.