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Masa multi colour system meets individual demands

All systems delivered by the company serve to fulfil individual demands. (Image source: Masa)

Masa’s proven multi colour systems for unique and high-quality colouring represent indispensable components to ensure product portfolio’s visually stand out from the competition

The company offers various systems for the colour refinement of concrete products to match individual product requirements. In addition to the multi colour ‘Easy’ device with slider – which is mounted directly on the concrete silo – Masa also supplies the Premium solution for the production of multi coloured products in various designs. 

The multi colour system ‘Premium’

For customers who want to produce pavers of high quality, all with their own personal optical touch, the multi colour premium system is the ideal choice.

The system is located directly in front of the main mix or face mix concrete filling unit and stores the different coloured concrete batches in silos. Masa’s premium systems feature easy-care stainless steel silos (boasting volumes of 2,250 l for main mix and 580 l for face mix) with cleaning access and load cells for each silo, as well as swivelling belts and a frequency-controlled collecting belt.

The dosing belts place the concrete in up to five different positions on the collecting belt. The arrangements defined in the product recipe on the moving and speed-adjustable collecting belt enable precise metering of the concrete into the concrete silos and filling box. The different colour combinations are stored individually and recipe-specific and are therefore precisely reproducible.

The ‘Easy’ multi colour system: a compact alternative

In nature, you will never find any two stones that are identical and Masa’s multi colour system ‘Easy’ enables customers to colour products with a natural, unique look. One of the advantages of this system is its extremely compact design, which can also be retrofitted on the machine silo of the block making machine.

With its unique multi colouring systems, Masa enables customers to achieve their next milestone to increase the versatility of the products as well as their reliable reproducibility by means of a premium design.

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