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Eco cement to accelerate green construction in West Africa

The Eco Label branding builds on the company’s net zero pledge and supports its ambition to accelerate green construction. (Image source: Lafarge Africa)

Lafarge Africa, a leading innovative and sustainable building solutions company, has launched an Eco Label brand to communicate the benefits of its sustainable building solutions 

Eco Label represents a broad range of green cement for high performance, sustainable and circular construction, according to Lafarge. By having access to this eco-friendly cement, Lafarge’s end-users have the opportunity to make greener choices and accelerate the country’s carbon reduction journey.

Khaled El Dokani, country chief executive officer, Lafarge Africa, termed this as a significant milestone for the company, in demonstrating its efforts towards the global climate change commitment of net zero emissions. 

“Lafarge Africa is proud to be the first local cement manufacturer of eco-friendly cement to the Nigerian market. With the rollout of this Eco brand, we are accelerating the transition to more sustainable building materials for greener construction,” El Dokani noted.

“We are proud of turning our net zero pledge into action with our broad range of green building solutions. The Eco Label is a key milestone on this journey, confirming our group’s commitment to leading the way in sustainability and innovation.”

Vorke Enite, plant customer development manager, sales & marketing, Lafarge Africa, remarked, “This Eco Label launch is an epoch making event and it is heart-warming to note that Lafarge is the first cement company in Nigeria to achieve this feat. With 30% decarbonisation, Lafarge remains committed to building progress for people and the planet and delivering value to our numerous customers and stakeholders. The product quality is still of certified standard and our customers are happy.

“Lafarge has been in the country for more than sixty years; our product quality is still the same. The Eco Label launch is a zero-emission initiative and is in compliance with global best practices. It is the same quality, the same efficacy and the same value for our customers/stakeholders.”

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