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3D printing to improve speed, cost and flexibility of construction

The printer is designed to deliver a competitive commercial solution for contractors in multiple markets. (Image source: BII)

14Trees, a joint venture between British International Investment (BII) and Holcim, has launched a construction-ready 3D printer specialising in single to two-story residential and commercial buildings

According to BII, the Iroko printer can improve construction speed, cost and flexibility while also mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the industry. By scaling up digital automation, the new technology and approach can reduce CO2 emissions compared to standard methods of cement production and could therefore be a revolutionary product in the quest to build resilient, affordable and climate friendly housing and infrastructure. 

François Perrot, managing director at 14Trees, commented, “As the global infrastructure sector experiences an industrial revolution, the construction space is under more pressure to boost performance, work towards a net-zero future, and fulfil the needs of an evolving real estate and housing sector. Our 14Trees printer is a robust solution to maintain affordability and deliver on structural performance. We’re enhancing the sustainability and profitability of 3D printing for construction – a sector positioned for yield and growth.”

Abhinav Sinha, managing director and head of technology and telecoms at BII, remarked, “We are thrilled by the ground-breaking milestone that 14Trees has achieved to innovate 3D construction methods in Africa. This latest innovation will help to increase the availability of affordable housing, which is urgently needed on the continent, and also to decarbonise the construction sector. This goes to the heart of our mandate which is to create productive, sustainable and inclusive outcomes and improve the lives of people in Africa.”

Much change is expected to come to the construction sector in the years ahead as manufacturers and service providers look to enhance operations at a reduced cost the environment. abcg construction has explored how the race to electrify construction equipment is just the first step in a longer-campaign to redefine how machines are designed, look and operate. Read the full piece here:

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