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Carmix SA proves its worth in Eswatini

The Carmix solution allowed the client in Eswatini to optimise its production processes. (Image source: Carmix)

One of the largest construction companies in Eswatini was seeking an ultimate concrete solution and found an answer in Carmix SA

After approaching Carmix, the construction company made a significant investment by purchasing two Carmix 3.5TT. This decision has proved transformative, greatly enhancing their production rate and efficiency.

Prior to partnering with Carmix, the construction company relied on a 1/2 cu/m static mixer, which resulted in a modest output of only 7 V drains per day. However, after undergoing training conducted by Carmix's operations manager, they experienced a remarkable improvement. With the utilisation of just one Carmix, their productivity surged to an impressive 19 V drains per day. This remarkable increase showcased the effectiveness and reliability of Carmix equipment in optimising concrete production processes.

Carmix SA's commitment to providing innovative and high-performance solutions is evident in their ability to empower clients with cutting-edge technology and expertise. By offering tailored training sessions and superior equipment, Carmix ensures that their clients can maximise their operational efficiency and achieve exceptional results.

Setting new standards in construction

This successful collaboration between the construction company in Eswatini and Carmix SA exemplifies the latter’s dedication to paving the way forward in the construction industry. Through continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, Carmix SA continues to set new standards and drive progress within the sector.

The partnership between Carmix SA and the construction company in Eswatini not only exemplifies the efficacy of Carmix equipment but also underscores the company's commitment to facilitating growth and success for its clients. As Carmix SA continues to innovate and advance, it remains a trusted partner for construction companies seeking superior concrete solutions.

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