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Zoomlion launches intelligent construction solution

Zoomlion is committed to pushing forward the intelligence transformation of the industry. (Image source: Zoomlion)

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology has marked the release of the industry’s first intelligent construction packaged solution 

As part of the Zoomlion Smart Industrial City in Changsha, China, the company has created an intelligent construction machinery fleet with 11 pieces of intelligent construction equipment that can coordinate full-process, unmanned construction, covering excavation, concrete pumping, hoisting and installation.

“The ‘super brain’ of intelligent construction, built by Zoomlion’s independently developed iCES intelligent scheduling system, MAS multi-intelligent equipment cooperation system and 4DT digital twin system, is giving the construction machinery the ‘superpower’ and ability to ‘speak’ and coordinate construction tasks autonomously,” said Yu Xiaoying, deputy director of technology research centre, Zoomlion Central Research Institute.

The intelligent construction system is enabled by full-information digital connection, full-task intelligent scheduling, full-process autonomous coordination and full-scenario three-dimensional visualisation to empower full-process unmanned intelligent construction. Highlights include: 

• An iCES intelligent scheduling system to resolve building information modeling (BIM) tasks in milliseconds

• One-click construction task dispatch and full-digital delivery which reduces delivery time by 90% compare to manual operation

• Compact and efficient construction that can cut waiting time by 28%

• A MAS multi-intelligent equipment cooperation system that can predict and coordinate the operation path of intelligent equipment

• A 4DT digital twin visualisation system which enables all-around monitoring of the construction site’s digital twin, with one information network, one management spreadsheet and one monitoring map.

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