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Spanish Group to build 4,500 homes in Mozambique

Sanjose will build 1,500 houses at a cost of US$150mn within 24 months. (Image source:

Spanish construction group Sanjose has signed an agreement with the Mozambican government for building 4,500 houses in three of the country’s provinces

The agreement with Mozambique’s Housing Promotion Fund (FFH) will see the creation of projects in the Marracuene district near Maputo, in the central town of Dondo and in the northern city of Nampula.

According to Sanjose chairperson Jacinto Gonzalez, 1,500 houses will be built at a cost of US$150mn within 24 months.

Mozambican government sources said, “These 4,500 homes are just the first step towards a massive construction drive. The Mozambican government hopes to involve Sanjose in the construction of 100,000 houses over the next decade.”

Gonzalez remarked, “The project plan will consist of two types of buildings. The smaller, single storey houses will have three bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

“The larger homes will be three bedroom flats in four storey buildings. Each flat covers 70.65 sq m, and will have a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. The prices of these homes would start at US$30,000.”

Sanjose has claimed that each house will be connected to the electricity grid and will have running water.

The minister of public works, Cadmiel Muthemba, said, “This project has resulted from a plan devised two years ago, which led to the adoption of the government’s Housing Policy and Strategy, and the restructuring of the FFH, endowing it with greater capacity to stimulate the construction of housing.”

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