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Safe, sustainable and suitably priced

Dokas 30 m Ringlock scaffolding tower erected at bauma. (Image source: Doka)

For suppliers of scaffolding and formwork solutions, there are key characteristics that must be considered and embedded into design to meet the challenges of modern construction

Since acquiring AT-PAC at the beginning of 2023, Doka has become a “one-stop-shop for customer’s formwork and scaffolding needs” and is delivering solutions to respond to the current challenges facing the construction industry such as high-transport costs, bottlenecks in supply chain and increased organisational/ coordination efforts. 

It was under this understanding that the company proudly showcased its Ringlock modular scaffolding at bauma 2022 by constructing a 30 m tower. According to Doka, the scaffolding system allows customers to benefit from seamless planning, rapid availability and a professional rental process underpinned by a quality product; providing a single point of contact for both formwork and scaffolding trades. 

Offering safety and durability, the robust design ensures stability and reduces risk of accidents. As a versatile all-rounder on construction sites, the system can be used for different requirements such as performing reinforcement and formwork quickly and safely. It can also be used as a façade scaffold, rebar scaffold, trench bridge, stair tower, rolling scaffold, as well as a suspended or birdcage scaffold. 

Doka has since added to its portfolio by expanding the capabilities of its DokaXlight system. Originally launched in 2019, the ultra-light framed formwork has become a useful addition for undertaking a wide range of concreting work. Now, the company has added to its versatility through additional support heads and an ergonomic assembly tool which allows the DokaXlight to be used as flab formwork.

Franz Koppensteiner, product manager at Doka, explained, “With this extension to the DokaXlight system, forming operations in the slab can now be carried out even more effectively and cost-efficiently. And all without the need for a crane and with just one person.” 

DokaXlight I-connectors and clips have also been added to the portfolio in an attempt to reduce search and setup times and facilitate quicker assembly. 

In the announcement outlining these latest introductions, the company was keen to emphasise its commitment to sustainability; it has set an ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040. Such attention to this aspect highlights its importance to customers, and Doka is seeking to indulge them and accomplish its target by continuously extending the active use phase of its products. According to Koppensteiner, DokaXlight with its robust aluminium frame that protects formwork sheet and tie-hole protection integrated into cross-sections, ensures just that.

PERI shrinks carbon footprint 

Another leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems, PERI, has looked to its own sustainability agenda by joining the United National Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate management. 

In making this decision, the company – which is represented in more than 70 countries worldwide including South Africa, Nigeria and Angola – has committed to align its corporate actions with ten universal sustainability principles which cover human rights, discrimination, anticorruption and environmental protection. This builds upon the targets previously set by the company around climate neutrality and CO2 reductions. 

Christian Schwörer, CEO of PERI SE, remarked, “Sustainable management is an essential factor for the long-term success of our company. We want to strategically anchor sustainability along the value and supply chain.”

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