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Kwikspace supplies fit-for-purpose rental units for 15,000 people in six weeks

Kwikspace was instrumental in ensuring sufficient work, leisure and accommodation space for 15000 contract workers. (Image source: Kwikspace)

Kwikspace, Africa’s largest manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated modular buildings, ensured sufficient work, leisure and accommodation space for 15,000 contract workers to carry out plant maintenance from 31 August to 30 September 2021

Fit-for-purpose 509 relocatable modular buildings, comprising offices, accommodation, ablution facilities, locker rooms, and dining and recreation rooms, were tailor-designed and delivered to site ‘plug-and-play’ ready in six weeks.  

“Given the project scope and the constantly changing variables like building quantities, applications, and delivery dates, even with immense resources at our disposal, our team achieved a remarkable feat in completing the scope of work in time and to every single specification,” said Claude Naidoo, Kwikspace sales manager, Rentals Division.

Another factor that Naidoo considers instrumental in Kwikspace’s ability to service clients of any size in any industry is the company’s adaptability and commitment to customer service. Larger projects demand a problem-solving mindset, flexibility, as well as careful planning and collaboration with customers to ensure seamless project fulfilment without bottlenecks or delays. 

“Not only do they add to our project experience, but also play a role in our development of building accessories. Meeting our clients’ varying requirements helps us to develop niche space solutions, which are then rolled out for use in other industries.Our success is all about continuous development and continuous improvement, as well as practically considering our client’s detailed requirements and ensuring that we meet them all,” concluded Naidoo. 

To meet the clients ongoing space requirements, Kwikspace opened a satellite branch near its premises, positioning the company to provide a dedicated service that meets all the client’s requirements in the fastest possible turnaround time.