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Jobomax Launches new housing model in in Sierra Leone

With the new product, its target customer will expand to a greater proportion of the populace in its operating markets. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Jobomax, West Africas leading homebuilder, announced their first model in the critical US$10,000-US$20,000 price range in Sierra Leone

With these projects, Jobomax aims to grow and develop its Guinean-based business staff, increase its local labor force, and create cost-saving building innovations. 

Jonathan Halloran, co-founder and CEO, said, “The new US$10,000 starting price means we expand our ability to serve much more of the local market in West Africa. Our new two-bedroom, one-bath house is our first real mass-market offering and is a natural extension for Jobomax. We are proud of our team's incredible work in establishing a local business that builds to international standards.”

Co-founder and chief financial officer Robert Hornsby added that the company is looking forward to working with local financial partners to serve local resident buyers in West Africa with a combination of housing products and housing finance services that expand the notion of what 'affordable' can mean for them.

Speaking about the impact that this model has on the company's long-term financing, senior vice-president of Finance Alex Tounkara said, “This new model takes us one step closer to significantly tackling the West African housing crisis and moves us squarely into the sweet spot for institutions looking to impact affordable housing in Africa while also having the comfort and benefit of working with an experienced management team and institutionally managed business.”

Jobomax plans to start offering this model as part of a new low-cost project in suburban Freetown, Sierra Leone. The development is near Jobomax's existing, mid-level housing development in Newton. Each semi-detached home will feature integrated, independent solar power driving a smaller carbon footprint than traditional reinforced concrete builds. 

The company expects strong demand from the local community and diaspora communities interested in high-quality housing for family members in Sierra Leone. This model is set to be delivered to other markets starting in 2022.

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