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Genie booms and lifts help with warehouse project in SA

The DSV Warehouse project’s construction started in 2019. (Image source: Genie)

South African-based Goscor Access Solutions relied on Genie to match the right equipment for the job during construction of a new DSV Warehouse in Plumbago

For a new warehouse project, a new DSV Warehouse in Plumbago turned to Genie authorised distributor Goscor Access Solutions in Midrand, South Africa, to get the right machines for the job. Around 50 machines were onsite at any given time, including Genie GS scissor lifts, Z articulating boom lifts and S telescopic boom lifts.

The project’s construction started in 2019, but the schedule was challenged by COVID-19 pandemic. 

“DSV Warehouse used a combination of diesel and electric scissor lifts during the construction of the warehouse over a period of one year from 2020-21. However, the main contactor still managed to complete the project within the deadline time,” said Shirley Smit, a senior sales executive at Goscor Access Solutions, adding that Goscor still has units on site to help with extra work added on to the project by the DSV Group

To help keep the timeline, Goscor worked to make sure that the right equipment was on the jobsite at the right time to help with jobsite needs, which ranged from rugged 4x4 capabilities required as construction kicked off to the heavy-lifting needs of steel erection, as well as indoor finish work.  

The DSV Warehouse project started off with a range of diesel equipment, including Genie GS-3369 RT and Genie GS-5390 RT scissor lifts, which were used by the cladding, electrical and fire sprinkler installation companies. As the project progressed, and once the site was equipped with electricity and concrete floor slabs were cured, Goscor also supplied electric Genie units for the site.