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Digitalisation: revolutionising industrial health & safety

Health & safety is already reaping the benefits of the digital revolution. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

DEKRAs business development manager explains the vital role that technology can play in the future of health & safety function in industry, with proven regional examples of the bright future that digitalisation can lead industry to

Daryl Wake, the training and expertise association's business development manager, explained, "In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, digitalisation is transforming industries across the board.

"With advancements in technology, organisations can enhance safety measures, improve efficiency, and foster a culture of proactive risk management.

"By harnessing the power of digitalisation, companies can enhance their safety programmes, prevent incidents, and protect their most valuable assets – their employees."

To read the Daryl's full thought leadership piece, explore the latest issue of our sister publication, MENA HSE Review, on its bespoke magazine platform here.

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