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Atlas Copco customer improves drilling efficiencies with V900 electronic air compressor

An Atlas Copco V900 was delivered to the customer in August 2023. (Image source: Atlas Copco)

One of Atlas Copco’s prominent drilling customers active in South Africa has reported significant improvements in production and fuel costs following the purchase of a V900 electronic compressor

Having used a XRV1200 unit (part of Atlas Copco’s DrillAir range of large high-pressure compressors for deep drilling) for a number of years, the customer was familiar with Atlas Copco Power Technique and was impressed with the performance from the machine. Indeed, the machine made so much of an impression on the company that it decided to return to the market and Atlas Copco for a second unit.

“When our customer approached us for another XRV1200, we in fact recommended the V900 PACE (Pressure Adjusted Cognitive Electronics) as a more productive and sustainable solution,” explained Jonathan Cassell, APE sales engineer at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “While boasting similar drilling capabilities as the mechanical XRV1200, the V900 also brings improved efficiencies, reduced fuel consumption and environmental advantages associated with its advanced electronic PACE technology.” 

According to Atlas Copco, the PACE system is a dynamic optimisation feature that allows the user to tap into the electric engine to control pressure and flow. This technology enables multiple pressure and flow settings, ensuring that operators match air flow and pressure to their application needs. Cassell also pointed out that having multiple pressures out of a single machine eliminates the need for more machines offering a significant saving in capital purchase.  

“As a solutions supplier, we partner with our customers throughout the lifecycle of their machines,” continued Cassell. “So during machine commissioning we joined our customer on site, bringing together their entire drilling team. We shared all aspects of safety and operating instructions with them, including correct start up and stop procedures, to ensure maximum machine performance, reliability and efficiency as well as extended service life.”  

In addition, the Atlas Copco team also provided some insight into their smart telematics fleet management solution, Fleetlink. “To make it more convenient for the customer who will be purchasing their machine parts online, we shared information on our convenient and user-friendly Parts Online and Spare Parts Web Shop platforms,” remarkd Cassell. 

The machine was delivered to the customer in August 2023 and the customer indicated it would be operating both the V900 and the XRV1200 compressors to deliver high performance, fast drilling rates, and increased productivity.

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