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A new carrier machine for slurry wall construction

The LBX 600 is available in both conventional and battery-powered versions. (Image source: Liebherr)

Liebherr has revealed a new carrier machine for slurry wall construction that is available for the global market

Delivered in response to the special challenges imposed by urban jobsites, the LBX 600 is a compact carrier machine that enables work in combined areas. The capacity to excel in urban environments is bolstered by the electrically-driven unplugged version which is very quiet and does not produce any exhaust fumes.

According to Liebherr, the LBX 600 can be flexibly equipped and customised to meet site requirements through a modular system with three different booms: the standard version with a total height of 17.8 m, the Low Head at 11 m, and Ultra Low Head with 5.8 m.

The machine is designed for work using a hydraulic grab but also with a mechanical grab or chisel. In combination with the HSG 5-18 hydraulic slurry wall grab, the LBX 600 offers intuitive operation, which also enables hydraulic corrections to the grab alignment and thus a higher verticality of the trench.

The hydraulic slurry wall grab is modularly designed and has a robust base body. As the names of the grabs imply, HSG 5-18 C and HSG 5-18 L, slurry walls with thicknesses between 500 and 1800 mm can be installed, depending on the composition. ‘C’ stands for the compact standard design for the Low Head Version of the LBX 600, while the base body of the L (large) version is 2.5 m longer. The resulting total height of the grab at 9.5 m and the high weight with low centre of gravity provide for even better vertical positioning and are especially advantageous when installing larger dimensioned slurry walls.

When working in difficult ground conditions, the execution of the work can be improved through increasing the dead weight of the grab with an additional weight of 4.4 t or 6.5 t. Bites with lengths of 2500-3400 mm and maximum depths of 80 m can be excavated with the grab.

The slurry wall grab is also fitted with a hydraulic rotating device, allowing the grab to be aligned in all directions and providing for rapid rotation after each grab cycle. The maximum permissible grab weight is 30 tonnes.

The machine is further improved by a range of digital enhancements including the fact that all working processes can be electronically recorded and visualised using the process data recording system PDE. PDE records operating data from the Litronic control system as well as data from external sensors. This data can be fed into a working protocol in conjunction with the MyJobsite software solution as proof of quality directly after completion of a work process.

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