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First K335-CNG-Bus for the Cairo Transportation Authority. (Image credit: Man Truck & Bus)

Kastour Egypt for Industry & Trading, MAN Truck & Bus exclusive importer in Egypt has delivered the first two K335-CNG-Buses for the Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA) with hundred and twenty buses due to follow in 2019

To be selected for this city bus tender, Kastour Egypt for Industry & Trading together with the Bus Management of MAN Center Importer NWC Africa decided to build this vehicle on the basis of a MAN A69 CNG chassis. This chassis is powered by a MAN CNG engine which has 12.8 L volume delivering 310hp and 1250 Nm with exhaust norm of EEV. The passengers safety is being more and more in the focus of African metropoles; the vehicles are equipped with EBS, disc brakes, retarder integrated transmission from ZF model Ecolife. The engine compartment is provided with an automatic fire suppression system. Comfort items such as air suspension, ECAS system – raising/lowering and kneeling on the right side are some of the options included in the vehicles.

Kastour Egypt for Industry & Trading has established their production facility in Cairo. For more than 23 years MAN truck superstructures and bus bodies are being assembled there. Kastour Egypt for Industry & Trading together with MAN Bus Bodybuilder management developed a body for a low entry bus corresponding exactly to the CTA requirements: 12.5 m length, 2.55 m width and 3.57 m height. The next buses will be delivered in July 2019 and the delivery of the last 60 units is planned for the first quarter of 2020.

“This contract illustrates the great cooperation between MAN and its local partners. The chassis A69 CNG matches perfectly with the customer’s requirements and our partners capability, Kastour Egypt for Industry & Trading was able to develop a robust and modern body adapted for this chassis in a few months," said Adel Lünz, Head of Center Importer NWC Africa. 

In the Egyptian Metropole where more than 20 million people need to be transported each day, there is an urgent need for modern and safe public transport. The CTA has decided to renew 10 per cent of its fleet each year, which corresponds to 1,000 vehicles per year.

Fifty Crealis buses will run on compressed natural gas in Abidjan to serve the city’s wider urban area. (Image source: ENGIE)

French multinational electric utility company ENGIE and engineering firm Tractebel have collaborated to engineer, supply and install the first ever compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station in Abidjan

Automotive production can play a central role in creating jobs and transferring knowledge and technology in the economy. (Image source: CLN Group)

World Bank Group member IFC and Italy’s national promotional institution Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) have announced a loan of US$151mn to Coils Lamiere Nastri Spa (CLN), Italian automotive parts manufacturer

EVs are getting popular for oil and companies across the world. (Image source: metamorworks/Adobe Stock)

As charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) gradually takes reins from the internal combustion engine as the king of the road in the rapidly evolving energy landscape, oil and gas companies are acknowledging the rise of EVs, observes leading data and analytics company GlobalData

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