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Leading in container handling technology

When the current Nigerian deal is completed more than 30 RTGs (rubber tired gantries) from Konecranes will be at work at West African portsWhen the current Nigerian deal is completed more than 30 RTGs (rubber tired gantries) from Konecranes will be at work at West African ports

The wide range of container handling equipment available from Konecranes provides the crucial link for all seaport operators who want to maximise the productivity of their operations. Whether it is ship-to-shore cranes, rubber tired or rail mounted gantries, straddle carriers, reachstackers or liftrucks, this company is a major global player in terms of design, manufacture, delivery and aftermarket servicing.

All products are based on decades-proven efficiency-enhancing innovations in design, wherever possible using common platforms and incorporating modular technologies to keep down costs of supply. The 'fleet' of heavy-duty handling equipment is intended to function as an integrated whole, to ensure port performance at all times.

Equally all products supplied by Konecranes are fully supported after delivery and erection by an excellent service network which is designed around principles of preventive maintenance first.

All the container handling equipment available in Africa from this leading engineering business[s1] today draws on knowledge gained over more than 40 years of extensive experience in maintenance matters, affecting both all crane components and the drive technologies they incorporate. Extensive R&D  workhave unearthed highly effective ways of minimising maintenance requirements, and therefore equipment downtime and costs, and maximising reliability and performance at all times.

Konecranes combines state-of-the-art technologies with a profound understanding of how container handling equipment operates and a responsive attitude to service requirements. Through preventive maintenance, identifying upcoming trouble before failure occurs, maintenance can be planned and performed at a time which minimizes the disturbances to the customer’s process.[s2] .

Cost-wise, container handling equipment should always be viewed in total lifecycle value terms, the company contends. This means that the original purchase price is only a small part of the cost equation. Highly significant variable costs incurred down the line can all be controlled by correct timing of necessary scheduled and on-call maintenance activities, spare parts supply and update such as positioning software needs, which all leads to lower total costs of ownership - and more equipment uptime over the anticipated lifetime of the complete crane.

Ongoing business in West Africa

Late in September 2011 Konecranes received an order to supply 10 RTGs from Ports & Cargo Handling Services of Nigeria, to be delivered by the end of 2012 to the company's terminal within bustling Tin Can Island port in the business capital, Lagos.

P&CHS is part of the Sifax Group and is responsible for efficient operation of more than 750m of busy waterfront, with specialised berths handling both containers and general cargo.

Group Executive Vice Chair Dr Taiwo Afolabi commented, “Konecranes' RTG experience and its local presence played a big role in our selection process … We are confident that the transition from reach stacker operation to RTG operation will be smooth and efficient.”

Regional Sales Director Antoine Bosquet added, “When delivery is complete Konecranes will have 32 RTGs in operation in West Africa.”

No details of the actual size of the deal were released, but what is certain is that all the 16-wheel, all-electric gantries featured will be equipped with the latest DGPS-assisted positioning technology, including automated steering. This keeps the crane on a straight pre-set path, thereby improving both safety and productivity, and inventory recording at the same time. Each crane will be able to lift 50 tons, stacking one-over-five boxes high with seven truck-lanes wide.

Another Konecranes representative observed, “Our long history in the crane business has given us the foundation to move forward continually to build the most reliable container handling equipment in the world. And our sound financial position means our clients know they can count on us to help build their businesses.”

“We have the resources, technology and attitude to deliver our customer promise – Lifting Businesses.”

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