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Iveco and Mercedes Benz Truck at a German truck show. (Image source: Joost J Bakker/Commons)

Iveco have announced that it is expanding its presence in East Africa through its new industrial and commercial partnership with Global Motors Centre for Kenya Market

Map showing the scope of the LAPSSET Project within Kenya. (Image source: Nairobi123/Commons)

Kenyan Transport Principal Secretary Irungu Nyakera said 20 per cent of the work has been completed and the government will set aside US$97.1mn to the port project in the coming fiscal year

Pravar Gautum, Vice President EMEA and Asia at Scope Technologies.

This piece is by Pravar Gautam, Vice President EMEA and Asia at Scope Technologies and featured in the January issue of African Review

Morocco and Nigeria announce Trans-African pipeline. (Image source: Traroth/Commons)

The new partnership between Ithmar Capital, Moroccos Sovereign Wealth Fund, and Nigerias Sovereign Investment Authority will support the pipeline and the development projects in the region

Michelins innovation stand at Hannover 2016. (Source: Kestell Duxbury)

Michelin respond to the needs of mine operators by incorporating three key innovations in the new XDR3

The new 40.00 R 57 and 53/80 R 63 Michelin XDR3 tyres have been designed for rigid dump trucks operating in surface mines. One of the main challenges facing mine operators today is to reduce the cost per tonne by improving operational efficiency, while still ensuring safety for all within the workplace, and thus increasing profitability, an essential quality in the African market. 

The new Michelin tyre responds to the needs of mine operators by incorporating three key innovations, which together increase tyre life by a minimum of 10 per cent compared to its predecessor, the XDR2.

Compared with the XDR2,  this new tread pattern offers a number of benefits which could be of particular interest to our readers. It offers increased endurance due to improved heat dissipation capabilities which Michelin claim to be up to 8°C cooler in the tread area. A greater volume of tread rubber is in contact with the ground which improves wear and ensures better load distribution throughout the contact area due to a lower contact pressure. Finally, interlocking shoulder blocks resist excessive movement during cornering and further reduce tyre wear.

Also, an exclusive new mixing process ensures a more uniform composition of rubber compounds and a superior level of carbon black dispersion which increases wear resistance and tyre durability. Each unique compound offers specific performance characteristics adapted to site conditions and usage, from high wear resistance to high thermal capacity for speed.

Inside the XDR3 are steel cables. These high-strength steel cables that used in the tyre’s casing are 10 per cent stronger than in the XDR2 and are encapsulated in rubber to prevent the spread of corrosion within the casing, which extends the life of the tyre, thus making the tyres better value for money than its predecessor. 

Michelin’s research and development teams have spent more than six years developing the new tyre to ensure that it fully meets the expectations and needs of customers. During the extensive testing process more than 25mn km were travelled, which is the equivalent of circling the earth 625 times.

The 40.00 R57 MICHELIN XDR3 is now available, while the 53/80 R63 will be available from January 2017.

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