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Bank of Brazil to fund Maputo water project

Building the dam on the Incomati River is expected to cost US$500mn. (Image source: René Clausen Nielsen/Flickr)

The Bank of Brazil will enter into an agreement with Mozambique to finance the construction of the Moamba Major dam that will provide drinking water for the Maputo metropolis

According to a report in Mozambican daily Noticias, the dam on the Incomati River will cost US$500mn to build and will provide water for drinking and irrigation in the Greater Maputo Metropolitan Area.

The report quoted National Water Board director Susana Saranga Loforte as saying, “We are in the final phase of negotiations for fund release. The negotiations are making progress and if this progresses steadily, we will soon be in a position to lay the first stone in 2014 or 2015.” She added that the Bank of Brazil has already released funds worth US$8.5mn for an environmental impact study for the dam and a preliminary design for the project.

“The project will also receive funding from the Dutch government, which has pledged US$30.4mn,” Loforte revealed.

Currently the cities of Maputo and Matola and the adjacent areas rely on the Umbeluzi River for water supply although it is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demand for water in these areas.

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