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LIYUCSF: We provide assistance with your steel fabrication needs from project conception to project completion


- Gathering China’s top 20 steel fabricators together with a yearly capacity of steel structure of 1 million tons;

- With enjoying the superior geographical position (both land and ocean transportation), all partners are located in China’s major ports with convenient transportation;

- Covering kinds of steel structural types such as high-rise building, bridge, assembled building and other conventional steel structure;

- Involving in processing detailing and fabrication standards such as ANSI, EN, AS, JIS and GB;




LIYU Steel Engineering Trade 

- Fabrication Qualification Assessment;

- Steel Construction Management;

- Steel Verification Inspection;

- Steel Construction Management in China;

- Steel Engineering Logistics in China;

- Coordination and Cooperation among owners, designers and the fabricators;

LIYU Steel Verification Inspection

- Material Receipt Re-test and Verification;

- Welding Process Witness and Verification;

- Blasting and Painting Application Verification;

- Qualification Verification;

- PQR and Testing Verification;

- Quality control and NDT inspection supervision and verification;

LIYU Steel Technology Consulting

- Quality management system assessment and establishment;

- ANSI, EN, AS, JIS and GB standards training;

- Welding qualification training and certificates issued;

- Guide and supervise Welding PQRs;

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