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New Facebook office to focus on North Africa

Social media giant Facebook has opened a sales office geared towards markets across North Africa and the Middle East

Based in the UAE emirate of Dubai, the office will target business opportunities across the MENA region.

Facebook vice president and managing director for Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Joanna Shields, described the opening of the new office as “an important milestone” for the company and its local partners.

“In an open and connected world, more and more companies are realising that Facebook is the place where they can build strong connections with their customers,” said Shields.

“We are here to share our experience and learn from the many talented, creative people in this part of the globe.”

Social media sites, such as Facebook, played an important role in the uprisings that toppled African governments in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, bringing people together and getting information regarding events out of the country.

Facebook head of global marketing solutions for the MENA region Jonathan Labin, who will head the office in Dubai, said, “We already have strong partners in the region that are using Facebook in innovative ways to achieve real results.

“I look forward to working with many more businesses to help them extend their reach and realise the power of social [media].”