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Cloud computing set to revolutionise IT

Companies have been advised to use cloud computing as a way to maximize their business. (Image source: 24point0)

Organisations need to be able to mix their cloud services from different providers easily if they are to experience the advantages of cloud computing, according to Albie Bester, general manager of SEACOM’s cloud aggregation subsidiary, Pamoja

Bester claims cloud computing has the ability to change the way IT is looked upon in organisations and the IT department can become a driving force for better business.

Bester said, “In a genuine cloud model, it should be quick and simple for the customer to add value to a cloud service by adding ancillary services from other providers. Any service provider that does not offer its customers this level of flexibility is not offering a cloud, but an island. Enterprises must have the freedom to consume cloud services in the way that matches their needs.”

He continued, “The cloud is not just about providing services companies already have more cost-effectively, but also about providing new solutions that enable business growth. It should be open-ended enough for companies to quickly provision new users and services when they need to respond to an opportunity or change in the market.”

Bester expects that the African market will make use of the cloud quickly, now that infrastructure such as undersea cables and national networks are in place.

He added, “With the connectivity ready, the cloud is the quickest way to African companies to provide sophisticated solutions and services to their employees and companies.”

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