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Cloud computing market to reach US$14bn by 2013

In today’s market, companies are more focused on their core businesses and utilizing external solutions to create efficient workflows and streamline internal activities in order to improve organisation, productivity, and service delivery.

p>In today’s market, companies are more focused on their core businesses and utilizing external solutions to create efficient workflows and streamline internal activities in order to improve organisation, productivity, and service delivery.

LINK Development, an IT solutions and services provider in the Middle East, has launched, serving businesses through the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Based on Microsoft technologies, is offering the first hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution available in both English and Arabic, enabling companies of all sizes to allocate their spending as they see fit, without the initial bulk investment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhances the business’s ability to boost its sales, customer service, productivity, and marketing communications. As a hosted solution, it allows for easy deployment, software upgrades, enhanced analysis of customer information, data management, and increased secure storage. By employing such optimal services, money is saved and more informed business decisions are made.

“Allowing greater flexibility and choices, cloud computing deployment is a growing trend among businesses. Offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM online,, aims to become a prime destination for cloud services,” says Ali Faramawy, Vice President of Microsoft International. “We are proud to have partnered with LINK Development in launching top of the line innovative solutions to businesses throughout the Arab region, and are confident they will continue to do so.”

Although stretched company budgets have forced cut backs on vast investments in IT and human capital, the demand for hosted CRM has continued to rise. According to Gartner Inc., technology analyst firm, in 2009 the global cloud computing market saw a nearly 18 per cent increase in revenues reaching a total of US$7.5bn, since 2008. Gartner predicts continued growth, with total revenues reaching around US$14bn by the year 2013; hence, the CRM market can expect some major growth as well.

“Corporations of all sizes are now demanding more CRM applications, as a means of increasing their sales and improving quality of service,” says Hanan Abdel Meguid, Chief Executive Officer of LINK Development. “The continuous investment in the connectivity infrastructure within the Middle East region has made hosted solutions a more viable option for businesses of all sizes. As a hosted CRM,, offers companies advanced features and benefits, with zero upfront investment and a pay as you go option.”


Solutions for MEA support
LINK development has designed its hosted CRM solution to meet the demands of the Middle East region by providing Arabic support to its clients. LINK Development is giving its customers the ultimate decision power to choose between purchasing on-premise and a hosted solution packages.

An abundance of businesses throughout the MEA region can now greatly benefit from the hosted CRM’s various features; from selling products or delivering services to sales automation, service management and marketing campaigns. Its user friendly interface allows for immediate productivity. Simple point-and-click configuration tools allow business users to add or modify fields, forms, workflows and reports accordingly, enabling simultaneous growth with the company without spending on expensive hardware purchases and upgrades. It also allows companies to integrate their customer information and develop continuous business processes for sales, marketing, and service departments; eliminating the extra expense on software, IT staff and company servers.

Building on LINK Development’s long history of technical expertise and vertical knowledge, has been developed to meet the needs of companies of various sizes throughout the region. Furthermore, the solution allows companies to focus on their core businesses, run innovative applications and operate networks without incurring the extra costs of in house servers and additional staff. In addition, companies have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade the hosted CRM packages they invest in according to their size, budgets and changing needs.

“With over a decade of experience throughout the Middle East, we strive to keep developing and customizing our solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the region. Experience with CRM specifically enables us to help our clients succeed and realize the value behind hosted applications,” concludes Hanan Abdel Meguid.

Over the years, LINK Development’s work received various international and regional awards from Microsoft. Some of the company’s great achievements include Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics President Club since 2007, Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Public Sector Partner of the Year Finalist and Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner of the Year Award for the Middle East & Africa (MEA), both in 2009.

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