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Kenya to install new cyber crime monitoring device

Kenya has prepared itself to fight cyber crime in a stricter way than ever before by introducing a new internet monitoring device

Installed by the Kenya’s Communication Commission (CCK), the monitoring device will help in detection and prevention of cyber-crime cases across the East African country.

Kenya's assistant minister for communication, George Khaniri, said, “Setting up the monitoring system is as initiative of the Kenya Computer Incident Response Team Coordination Centre.”

Khaniri added that it was the duty of the CCK to protect the internet users from harm and the monitoring system will be able to trace and prevent cyber crime in a much better way.

“The system monitors Internet traffic to detect any potential cyber threats on the Internet,” he added.

The assistant minister also noted that the system was not equipped to spy on the nation’s internet habits and the websites people visited.

“It is a passive system and not a tool for spying on users,”·he remarked.·“The system cannot be used to block access to the internet at all.”

The CCK will sign a series of agreements with several organisations to ensure privacy and the data gathered will only be used for the intended purpose.

“The reverse will apply where the partner organisations will be required to adhere to strict confidentiality agreements. The monitoring system is a component of the Kenya’s National Cyber Security Framework and any cases of infringement on the rights of Kenyans will be handled in line with the existing related legal instruments and provisions,” he concluded.

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